Periodontics is the speciality in Odontology which studies the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the tooth supporting tissues. To maintain the teeth in the mouth for the maximum time possible, it is not sufficient with restoring tooth decay, if not we must pay a lot of attention to our gums.

Many people loose healthy teeth because the tooth supporting tissue is diseased and incapable of supporting the tooth and support the strength needed to masticate.

For this not to happen clinical check ups and x-rays must periodically be undergone, which permits the diagnosis of Periodontal Disease.

Once diagnosed, the patient should undergo adequate treatment (curettages, root scaling, ,gingivectomias, etc…) with the objective of stopping the loss of tooth supporting tissue process.

This treatment and correct daily dental hygiene is the perfect combination to keep your teeth and gums healthy. The team of professionals of Clínica Dental BROSETA will help you to maintain the healthy state of your mouth, delaying the loss of your teeth for the maximum time possible.