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Our interest and concern for the branch of Medicine and Odontology has been present throughout generations of the family.

The maternal great-great-grandfather Don Blas Gras Cardona was an odontologist, and the maternal great-grandfather Jose Collado was a dental technician. Our grandfathers were also dedicated to this branch of Medicine. Clínica Dental Broseta was founded in 1980 by our parents, Francisco Broseta Prades and Maria Luisa ColladoVélez, in the Valencian town of Cheste. Only after a few years the opening of a second clinic took place in the city of Valencia.

In Clinica Dental Broseta we have offered our clients a warm and friendly treatment for more tan30 years.Our objective is to treat in an efficient manner any dental pathology and for that we work with enthusiasm. Our clinical team is made up of general and specialist odontologists with extensive and advanced training. This enables us to have a multidisciplinary vision to address any dental pathology.We always work with brands of recognized international prestige.

The Odontologist identity card of Don Blas Gras Cardona issued on the 25th of February of 1927 in Valencia  by the Civil Government of Valencia and signed by the Provincial Health Inspector and the Governor.

The above photograph of José Collado was published in 1923 in the magazine of professional Propaganda, Divulgence and Review “El Protésico Dental Levantino”.