In cases where the clinical session is long and tiring or it is advised due to the special conditions of the patient, we can resort to sedation or even general anesthesia.
The technique for sedation lessens the stress and anxiety of the patients facilitating certain treatments in the dental clinic.
The general anesthesia is only appropriate with very specific cases and is carried out by an anesthetist.

One as the other can be used with syndromic patients, children with rampant caries and multiple dental conditions which are difficult to treat , patients with an uncontrollable fear of dentists  and the ones who need to urgently solve dental problems.

Conscious Sedation is able to adjust to an adequate amnesia and analgesia in an easy way together with a level of consciousness which allows the patient to respond to simple requests (open your mouth, turn your head, etc…) without affecting at any moment the wellbeing and safety of the patient. Furthermore, the cooperation of the patient during the process provide the necessary conditions for the odontologist to carry out their work with more agility and speed.