It is a union of modern technological surgery towards substituting one or various teeth or even the complete dental arch and with the objective to permit the functional restauration and aesthetic of the patient’s mouth.
The implant is a titanium screw which is placed in the bone that biologically bonds,becoming an anchor ideal for the posterior placement of a prosthesis.
The BROSETA DENTAL CLINIC uses a system of Implantology of internationally recognized prestige.
Each patient has different needs and finds themselves in a different anatomical situation, for which a personalized radiological clinical study will be necessary to indicate which type of treatment is the most appropriate.
Science advances and offers us new techniques and materials with better characteristics. Our team is in constant training to be able to offer the most advanced treatments that may be adapted to the client’s needs.

Postextraction Implant
It consists in the removal of a decayed tooth and the inmediate  placement of a dental implant in the same clinic session. If the surgeon considers it appropriate a provisional fixed tooth may even be placed, being able to recuperate the function and aesthetics in the same day.

“All on four”
This technique is used to rehabilitate the complete arch of the patient, placing 4 implants of which two are placed in a tilted position to avoid the use of grafts. In the cases where the surgeon considers it appropriate a fixed provisional prosthesis will be placed for the rapid recuperation of function and aesthetics.

Regenerative Techniques
The lack of bone in certain areas of the mouth hinders the placement of implants. In these cases bone regeneration techniques will be carried out to reconstruct the bone so as to be able to place the implants (For example: the raising of the maxillary sinus, horizontal or vertical bone regeneration with the help of biomaterials or autologous bone grafts, etc…).